inclusion policy

I am a white woman in my 40s.

I'm doing the work in my life, making mistakes, and learning what it means to have been born with privileges that make it easy for me to live in America without fear based on the color of my skin.

I commit to ongoing research, analyzing, speaking up, and using my voice to support the black community.

  • I will spend 30% (or more) of my business revenue in the black community.
  • I will pay for my education and not ask the black community to educate me for free.
  • I will not stay stuck in silence over wondering what the right thing is to say.
  • I can always do more and will spend time analyzing what more is before I act.

Here's the work I'm doing in September 2020.

  1. Spending $300 this month as a member of the We Should All Be Millionaires Community
  2. Purchased an amazing training called Conversations That Convert from Lattice Hudson
  3. I'm reading the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad