WTF, I’m a Republican?!?

Some people call 'em rants, others call 'em meltdowns. But to me, they're just plain old hissy fits. And, if you're having them, they're costing you big time.

I'm Kimberly Gosney, Life Coach. Welcome to the Hissy Fits Podcast. Every week I serve up a hissy fit that was thrown by me or a member of my audience. I share how the hissy fit makes you feel, how much time or money it's costing you. And what wonderful thing you could have been doing instead.

It ain't at all pretty when you're throwing a hissy fit. And just because I'm a Life Coach doesn't mean I've got my shit together. If you've ever wasted an entire weekend raging about something so freaking ridiculous that you wished you had all that time back... Buckle up because we're about to get hissy.

Heads up! If you're a mom like me and you love listening to podcast episodes with your kiddos around this episode is 100% not kiddo friendly. I'm using some pretty naughty words. I wanted to let you know, in case you need to pause and come back to this episode later.

Hey, y'all get settled in because today I have a real horror story for you. I'm a Republican. As we dive into the hot mess of this hissy fit, let me just say that personally, it feels like I'm trapped in the horror movie, Psycho in the shower scene with the music playing in the background.

This episode was originally titled Republicans versus Democrats, and it was going to be a fun poke at my husband who has very opposing political views. We're close to the 2020 election and me I'm registered to vote.

I've voted in so many elections to date and I have voted Democrat for a really long time. But in checking over everything for the 2020 presidential election, I noticed something shocking. My voter registration card was filled out with Republican as my party of choice.

I got to thinking, how could it be that I have voted Democrat for so long, but I am labeled as a Republican. And it just set up all kinds of hissy fit moments in my mind. This episode is devoted to making sure that you are taking great care with the power that you have in casting your vote.

I did not intend for this episode to be about that. I was going to pick on my husband, who's a Republican and share how my daughter and I are Democrats living in a house with a Republican. But as it turns out, my husband is labeled an Independent on his voter registration card.

So he dodged that bullet y'all and, in the upcoming election. I am going to be voting for Biden and Kamala. I always say Biden and Kamala because Kamala is wonderful to me. I love everything about her, and really I'm casting my vote for Kamala. So I love Joe Biden too. I think he's great, but really I'm casting my vote for Kamala.

So let me set the stage for how I'm a Republican, because I'm really not - now I am a Democrat, but when I was a little girl growing up Sandra Day O'Connor was my role model. She was the first woman justice appointed to the Supreme Court. And she was a Republican and I thought of her as my idol. I wanted to be a lawyer, but more importantly, I wanted to be the second woman justice on the Supreme Court.

And thank goodness, thank my lucky stars. That job was appointed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was absolutely amazing. I'm so glad I did not get the job that I really wanted growing up, which was to be the second woman justice on the Supreme court. I could never have done what Ruth Bader Ginsburg did in her lifetime.

I'm so glad that my life turned out differently than I had planned. But Sandra Day O'Connor back in the day was my role model because she was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court. She was a Republican and also looking back around that same time, that was wild. Ronald Reagan was president and I loved seeing Ronald Reagan speak on TV - in particular. I liked seeing him with Nancy Reagan. I loved that. They seemed very connected and very much in love, and he was awesome. So as a Republican, even to this day, I remember him loving jelly beans, and that, that was his Presidential favorite food.

And I just felt that he was a very strong man supported by an even stronger woman. So this is probably a little bit around what shaped me being a Republican in my younger days. So I'm 47 in a couple of weeks, and this is me at like 15, 16 years old. So I got married in 1997. And my husband is very much a Republican. And I think, I morphed and took those views to go along with the views of my love for Sandra Day O'Connor and Ronald Reagan. So I very much was a Republican when I first got married back in 1997. And when we moved to North Carolina in 2006, that's when I filled out this voter registration card. And back then, I did like both of the Bushes - George and George, Jr.

I always call him George junior, but I know there's different initials for both of them,but I did like both of them. And then, then when Barack Obama came on the scene, I started voting for Barack Obama because I just loved him as a human being. So along the same time, I've always been a feminist. I have always had views that were very much liberal in nature. And my husband and I argue about these views a lot. So I say and feel exactly the opposite of my husband in all situations. So that is why I had this particular hissy fit. That's why I felt this way at this time, seeing my voter registration card listed with me as registered to vote as a Republican in the state of North Carolina, like, Oh my God, y'all, that is so not who I am now in the year 2020.

So think about it y'all has your life changed over the last 14 years or the last 20 years or even the last 30 years? Hell yes. Your life has changed. You are not the same person you were 20 years ago, 15 years ago. Heck maybe not even five years ago.

While I had this hissy fit, that was so horrible. I'm not changing my voter registration until after the presidential election, because right now it's too close and I don't want to do anything that could make my vote in jeopardy. I know that changing your political party affiliation is something that you can do. You have to go and do it in person. And it takes so many days to get that sorted out. So just know that you can change that, but I am not changing it yet because I don't want to do anything this close to the election to mess with my ballot.

On a side note, my daughter has wanted to vote since she was about eight years old, maybe 10. And she has been a very strong girl in wanting rights for voting for children. She says that children in most cases are so much more informed than the adults that are their parents. And I would have to say in this case, y'all, she's right about me, cause I am totally embarrassed and I threw a hissy fit about this all week long.

I have been in a swirl about, Oh my God, I'm a Republican all week long. I have been teasing my husband who is actually independent about him being a Republican and about his views and how they're so different from mine. And y'all the fights in my house around this topic are hysterical like seriously. And I know that my husband is who he is and I know that I am who I am.

I can appreciate that. He's the person he is. And he can appreciate that I'm the person that I am. So I think that while we will never change each other's views on politics and we will continue to have these little mini debates in our household.

Y'all the fly, like just the fly alone. Yeah. So if you watched the Vice Presidential debate you'll know that there was a fly on Mike Pence's his head for two minutes. I missed that because I was outside in the yard with my dog, Khloe. She interrupted me for 12 minutes for a potty break in the middle of the Vice Presidential debate. And Oh my God, it came back to a bomb I didn't even know about the fly until the next next day. I have been teasing my husband about the fly and how flies love shit (credit to this thought from the Steven Colbert show).

And that's how the fly is on Mike Pence, his head. It has just been hilarious, but just know y'all that you should definitely check your voter registration information, make sure that your party affiliation is up to date. And if it's not, you can always fix it. It's not ever set in stone.

If you just happened to have role models that were of one political party, when you were younger, before you really understood life and the differences between the parties, you can always change this later. So just know that people grow, people change and people mature over time. And y'all like I said, totally shocked. And so embarrassed. Like I'm so red in the face, even thinking about it now, but what's interesting about this particular hissy fit is there is something that you can do to fix it and I can change it.

I don't have to keep being upset about the fact that someone might find out that I'm a Republican when I know in my heart and really a Democrat. So y'all, if this is you and you're sitting in the same space that I'm in, you're in a relationship you're married to someone who is the opposite political style of yours.

: I know the battles you're facing. I know that things are raging in your household. And I appreciate what you're going through. So make sure you cast your vote. We always say at my house that my vote is always canceled out by my husband's vote, but I still vote because I feel like my vote still matters. And I know his vote matters to him as well. So that's the running joke in my household that our votes will cancel each other out.

And my daughter's like, I could be the one I could be the vote that makes yours mean even more. And that's what totally cracks me up about my daughter and her thoughts on politics. So just know that this week, okay, as you're getting ready for the fall and Halloween, and then coming into the presidential election in the beginning of November, that you do have the power to make a difference.

You can stand up for what you believe in. You can cast your vote and no matter who you vote for, what really matters is that you took the initiative to exercise your right, to vote. Think about Kathryn and how she can't vote because she's not 18 years old yet so cast your vote. You have the right to vote as an adult and you should make that decision. You should vote for the candidate that you feel reflects you and your current values.

So I'm off my soap box this week about voting. And I know that this particular episode is politically charged. And I promised myself when I started the hissy fits podcast, that I would talk candidly openly. And honestly about the things that I was encouraged not to talk about as a child.

So growing up, I am from the South and we were taught that it wasn't polite to talk about race, religion, or politics. And I don't even know where I was told that as a little girl growing up, I just knew it wasn't appropriate back then. Like it wasn't appropriate to talk about those things at all. And I don't think it was any one person. I don't think it was my family members. I think it was just in general. It was something that was mentioned over and over and over about how it, wasn't polite to talk about race, religion, and politics.

And that's what keeps the world small. That is what makes us the way we are now is not talking about the topics that matter to people all over the world. So if that's you, and you're also a little bit like me where you haven't spoken up about things that are important to you, because maybe you felt like it wasn't polite, or maybe you felt like you didn't know how, or maybe you felt like your view was so different from the people that you knew in your life. Just know you have a voice and you get to use it. However you choose. And today for this week of the Hissy Fits podcast, this is how I chose to use my voice. So I'm Kimberly Gosney and I approved this Hissy Fit.

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