Why don’t I have a fence yet?

Kimberly Gosney: Some people call 'em rants, others call 'em meltdowns, but to me, they're just plain old hissy fits. And if you're having them, they are costing you big time.

I'm Kimberly Gosney, life coach, and welcome to the Hissy Fits Podcast.

Every week I serve up a hissy fit that was thrown by me or a member of my audience.

I share how much time the hissy fit costs you and what wonderful thing you could have been doing instead.
It ain't at all pretty when you're throwing a hissy fit.

And just because I'm a life coach doesn't mean I've got my shit together. So if you've ever wasted an entire weekend worrying about something so freaking ridiculous that you wished you could have had all that time back, buckle up because we're about to get hissy.

Thank you so much for tuning in for Episode 1 of the Hissy Fits Podcast. This episode is, why I don't have a fence. So I'm starting this podcast off with my go-to hissy fit. And you may be feeling like you don't have dogs and/or you don't need a fence, so why listen in? If that's you, I'm going to challenge you to replace the word, fence, with something you want, but you've struggled to be able to afford to purchase it. And swap the word dogs with someone that matters most to you like a friend or a family member.
Part 1: The Hissy Fit.
So I have three dogs. There are two Borzoi Kissy and Khloe and Doxie named Cooper. I have a huge backyard. I have no fence. I've been saying I'm getting a fence for four years now, and I still don't have a freaking fence. This past week, it was raining cats and dogs. And I used that time to be hissy with myself about not having a fence while dramatically standing in the yard soaking wet and feeling miserable. I lashed out at everybody in my house. Every time I came in, I stomped up the stairs and told everybody that I was soaking, freaking wet, and needed to change my clothes. This did not help the situation at all.

Part 2: What Having the Hissy Fit Costs You.

So it takes me 10 minutes times three dogs, times four trips a day, so that's about two hours a day that I am outside walking dogs or a total of 14 hours per week. So for me, having this hissy fit is like having a part-time J- O- B. It costs me the joy of being in the moment with my dogs and it runs on a loop throughout the day. So it's like dogs bark, we go outside, I get angry because they don't have a fence, I feel like a terrible dog owner, I feel like a horrible dog mom. And it runs on a loop.
So interesting side note here, my neighbors across the street, they are such wonderful people. I can text them and take my dogs to they're fenced in backyard with a moment's notice. So this issue of this hissy fit really isn't about my dogs and it's really not about the fence itself. It's about how I am treating myself and how I am acting when I'm outside walking my dogs.

Part 3: What Wonderful Thing You Could Have Been Doing Instead.

So when I think back on the last week of my life and this ridiculous hissy fit that I'm throwing about not having a fence that repeats over and over in a loop for me, one thing is super obvious, I could be coaching clients on the weekends and spending that 14 hours a week making a hundred dollars an hour. And if I were doing that instead of being wrapped up in this hissy fit, I generate $22,400 in just four months, part-time coaching on the weekends.
So, in four months I could generate $22,400 in income and this would be four months out of my life instead of the four years that I have been in this hissy fit about not having a fenced-in backyard. So because this is so fascinating to me, I'm going for it and planning to have a fence in my backyard in spring of 2021. Now that is one amazing hissy fit transformation.
Thank you for listening to the first episode of the Hissy Fits Podcast. I hope your week is hissy free. I'm Kimberly Gosney and I approved this hissy fit.
Are your frequent hissy fits ruining your evenings, squabbling with your spouse about what's for dinner when you could be relaxing with a nice hot bubble bath? Join the freaking club. If you're feeling hissy about something, call the Hissy Fit Hotline at (919) 289-5995. Share your latest hissy fit, and you may be featured on an upcoming episode of the Hissy Fits Podcast.

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